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13th July 2024 


HSP Mentoring:  Although inspiring, mentoring work is not an easy option for solving problems, be prepared for lots of insight and support and to be moved and changed by the process you undertake.  Part of your initial enquiry might be to check out whether this is the right time for you to be participating in this activity and whether you are in a good enough place to make the most of it. Mentoring can be extremely effective and Barbara will assist you to work out what it is that you need and when.  

Training:  Training for professionals about this innate genetic trait can be challenging and inspiring in terms of addressing our assumptions and expectations around highly sensitive people.  Training workshops are managed in such a way that it will give you insight into the normal needs and gifts of highly sensitive people and increase your appreciation of this innate and vital trait.

Important details about your work with me will be kept confidential and I do not make large amounts of notes following sessions. However, do remember that boundaries, processes and duty of care for mentoring and training are not quite the same as counselling or therapy, even though you are likely to find these mentoring processes very therapeutic.  I advise participants to have prior arrangements agreed with a friend or colleague with whom you can share your journey or get extra support if needed :)

Individual fees and couple fees for mentoring or coaching are on a sliding scale per hour pro rata (there are concessions available please ask).  Group work or group training is quoted for separately. HSP Mentoring is very cost effective compared to counselling or therapy since sessions are not required to be weekly and can be many weeks apart.  Please note that time is set aside especially for you. You will need to pay your fee in advance in order to reserve the appointment, once a date and time is agreed you will be sent payment details. That appointment time is open to others until your payment is received, so if there is a delay in payment you will need to check that the appointment is still available. There is a £25 cancellation fee for individual and couple appointments if you do not give at least 48 hours notice to change or cancel an appointment. Call or email Barbara to discuss mutually convenient dates and times.