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13th July 2024 
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I am in USA 11th May 2024 to 4th June, attending and supporting at an HSP Gathering Retreat led by Jacquelyn Strickland and Elaine Aron PhD in California.  I am still checking messages, so please email me if you need to arrange an appointment to speak to me.  Appointments will be via Zoom for this period.


Welcome to my mentoring practice specialising in support and development for Highly Sensitive People, Professionals, Employers and Family members. I offer information, individual mentoring support, workshops and coaching for sensitive people, plus training for professionals as individuals or within organisations. I work from two locations in the UK: Andover in Hampshire and Pendeen in Cornwall but I do most of my work online.


Mentoring can be both informative and therapeutic. It offers the opportunity for periodic, supportive meetings, to draw on the life experience and knowledge of an experienced professional who has been walking the path of sensitive authenticity in relationships and in the workplace. Mentoring can help you identify areas for change and support you to reframe a stressful situation in a more positive context and secure those changes in place.  If things are already going well for you, it can help you to increase your self-knowledge and continue to design a life path that will work for you now and in the future.

My fee is on a sliding scale and is charged per hour pro rata. There are concessionary fees for those on benefits and low incomes, please don't hesitate to ask.  Mentoring is a very cost-effective route to self-awareness, since meetings are less frequent than counselling and simply arranged whenever the need arises.  Fees are strictly payable in advance on booking your time, there is a £25 cancellation fee if you give less than 48 hours notice.

My work on high sensitivity is underpinned with information from the research and books of Dr Elaine Aron and I have received training directly from her on the science behind the modern understanding of sensory processing sensitivity. Coming from a background of thirty years supporting the growth and development of individuals, families and groups, I understand the unique challenges for anxious or stressed adults and children. I have insight into the relationship challenges that occur when one partner is naturally more sensitive or where work colleagues are struggling to understand each other’s needs or personal qualities.


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To find out how mentoring might help you, or to make an appointment call or to arrange an online or face to face meeting.  You can leave a message at Growing Unlimited on 0777 312 4854, or EMAIL


According to Dr Elaine Aron, approximately 15-20% of any population are born with the trait of sensory processing sensitivity, being highly sensitive. Talking to highly sensitive adults, they often point to being misunderstood or misinterpreted by important professionals or family members, leading to failure to reach potential or even failure to thrive. At these workshops you will find out what SPS is and what it is not. Why it really matters that Highly sensitive children are understood. How to identify and support highly sensitive adults and children. Explore ways in which you could improve your practice. Above all else, you will come away with knowledge and inspiration, knowing you really can make a difference to the wellbeing, education and support of highly sensitive adults or children who have so much potential. If you would like in-house training, do contact me to discuss.  

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HSP Growth and Discussion Flashcards

One in Five Hidden Treasures (c). These beautiful A6 flashcards are useful tools for HSP workshops or discussion groups. Each card has a suggested topic that will prompt discussion and self-awareness. In our culture, where highly sensitive people are a minority, there can sometimes be environmental influences that affect how HSPs grow and develop.

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These cards offer topics for discussion that lead to consideration of ways to move towards greater feelings of empowerment and purpose. The cards might also be useful in groups for anxiety, self-worth, self-help and general growth and development of personal authenticity. Each pack contains 32 cards. You can purchase these packs for £29.95 each or £55 for two. UK inland postage and packing is free, other destinations will entail postage fees (email Barbara for details).

To make an order for the cards, simply click this link and include a note to clarify what you are paying for: PAY THROUGH PAYPAL.

NEWS UPDATE: Plans are in progress for Barbara’s first book, which takes a straight forward look at the topics of these cards. It will be available for purchase later in 2024.

Barbara Allen
Founder, Senior Mentor and Trainer Growing Unlimited Therapeutic Consultancy (2002)
CPD training for counsellors and related professionals, on high sensitivity

ALL CONSULTATIONS STRICTLY BY APPOINTMENT ONLY AND IN ADVANCE.  You can PAY THROUGH PAYPAL OR email Barbara if you want to pay by direct banking or if you encounter any difficulties making your  payment.